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    Academy of Mount St. Ursula Introduces SafeStudents Online Program

    SafeStudents Online is pleased to announce that the Academy of Mount St. Ursula, a Catholic high school serving college-bound women in Bronx, New York, has selected SafeStudents Online to help its parents keep their children safe from some of the threats commonly found on social media.

    Starting in spring 2017, Mount. St. Ursula will introduce the SafeStudents Online program to parents of all students in grade 9. Parents will be able to monitor their children’s social media activity for inappropriate or potentially dangerous posts and will receive alerts to help them take action when necessary.

    SafeStudents Online balances protection with privacy to encourage collaboration and communication between parents and children. The cloud-based solution helps parents keep their children safe from online threats such as cyberbullying, online predators, and damaged reputations. Parents never need to ask for their children’s passwords, and the online activity is monitored privately by parents, with the school having no access to the content.

    “Central to education at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula is the integration of religious values into all aspects of one’s personal life. Value integration is important for our young women and for the reputation of our school. In this age of constantly evolving technology, with ever expanding social media platforms and other online communities, and the distressing nature of the world at present, it is critical for the Academy of Mount St. Ursula, and all schools, to be prepared on how to be proactive in keeping children safe from dangerous activity on social media outlets. SafeStudents encourages teamwork amongst parents and children, which can help strengthen those relationships and open lines of communication. Parents will have the ability to understand and monitor their daughter’s online presence, as well as give her guidance on what is safe or unsafe. Through this proactive and instructive practice, we will empower our young women for leadership in society.

    – Sr. Jean Marie Humphries, osu, PhD, AMSU’ 89, Principal

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