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    All Saints Regional Catholic School Introduces SafeStudents Online Program for Parents

    SafeStudents Online is excited to announce that All Saints Regional Catholic School, a pK-8 elementary school located in Glen Cove, New York, and part of the Diocese of Rockville Center, has selected SafeStudents Online to help its parents keep their children safe from some of the threats commonly found on social media.

    Starting in February 2018, All Saints will purchase the SafeStudents Online program for all grade 5-8 families. Parents will be able to monitor their children’s social media activity for inappropriate or potentially dangerous messages, photos, and videos, and will receive alerts to help them take action when necessary.

    SafeStudents Online balances protection with privacy to encourage collaboration and communication between parents and children. The advanced technology helps parents keep their children safe from online threats such as cyberbullying, online predators, and damaged reputations. Parents never need to ask for their children’s passwords, and the online activity is monitored privately by parents, with the school having no access to the content.

    “All Saints is taking a proactive approach to the challenges we as a school community and our families face regarding social media. Beginning in February we will offer our parents a free program to address the negative issues that can result from students’ use of social media.

    We have chosen to introduce the Safe Students Online approach to provide our families with tools to empower them and provide an opportunity to monitor their children’s social media activity. The availability of this access will provide a greater awareness for parents of what their children are doing on social media and provide a reference point of how much independence parents should or should not allow their children in the use of technology.”

    – Mrs. Joanne Fitzgerald, Dean, and Fr. Elias Carr, Headmaster

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