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    Cornerstone Prep Introduces SafeStudents Online Program for Parents

    We are excited to announce that Cornerstone Prep has selected SafeStudents Online to help our parents keep their children safe from some of the threats commonly found on social media.

    Starting in late January 2018, Cornerstone Prep will provide the SafeStudents Online program for all parents of 5-12 grade students. Parents will be able to monitor their children’s social media activity for inappropriate or potentially dangerous posts and will receive alerts to help them take action when necessary.

    SafeStudents Online balances protection with privacy to encourage collaboration and communication between parents and children. The advanced technology helps parents keep their children safe from online threats such as cyberbullying, online predators, and damaged reputations. Parents never need to ask for their children’s passwords, and the online activity is monitored privately by parents, with the school having no access to the content.

    “For several years we’ve listened as parents have expressed constant concern over how to monitor their child’s social media presence. It seems that almost monthly there is a new social media app students discover; some are very benign, but some put our kids in danger and open up what kids think are safe places that can turn into breeding grounds for hurt and pain. Cornerstone Prep has been looking for something we could offer to parents that takes the school out of the business of overseeing social media, and give parents something that empowers them to be vigilant in protecting their children.

    When we found SafeStudents Online and their approach of empowering parents by giving them greater awareness of what their kids are doing, we were excited to form a partnership with them. Our goal is to protect our kids from all the negatives of social media, and in this day and age, that is a challenge. As we asked a select group of parents to try SafeStudents Online for us, they gave us the thumbs up to making this available to all our families.

    – Mrs. Jeanne Borders, Head of School

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