How It Works

Give parents better awareness of their child’s social media activity without violating their privacy.

  • social-mediaMonitors keywords
    Filters all posts through a database of over 2,500 keywords within categories such as alcohol, sex, profanity, bullying, and violence. It even catches “texting slang” that could be missed by the untrained eye. It is fully customizable, allowing parents to set custom alert levels, add private keywords, and ignore content that is not relevant to them
  • Monitors photos and videos
    Archives all photos and videos the child posts or is tagged in. Parents can review this content at any time through their private dashboard.
  • Monitors friend profiles
    Displays all of the child’s online friend profiles on a private dashboard so parents can be better aware of whom their child is interacting with online. It generates alerts if the child “friends” an adult or someone not connected to any of their other friends.
  • No software to install
    Works 24/7 in the cloud, monitoring all social media accounts simultaneously in the background, no matter what computer, phone, or other device the child uses. It goes wherever the child goes.
  • Covers the whole family
    Membership is priced per family. Parents can monitor multiple children (even those that don’t attend your school) for no additional cost.
  • NOT a spying tool
    It is not a spying tool and parents only see online activity related to potentially dangerous or inappropriate behavior. Parents can passively monitor their child’s public and private social media activity without having to ask for passwords.
  • Easy to use
    Easy and convenient for busy parents. Alerts are sent via email so parents are alerted without the need to remember to log in to check for activity. Parents quickly get the information they need and can review all the alerts and details later through their private dashboard.

Getting Started

Once a school partners with SafeStudents Online, we take care of setting everything up and handling the activation of all your covered families. There is no software for you to manage, no administration for you to learn or perform, and no IT overhead whatsoever—a true turnkey solution. We handle all parent questions, communication, customer service, IT systems, and more!

Live demo?

A live demo is available! For more information, contact us today.