Getting Started

How to Get Started with SafeStudents Online

SafeStudents Online is ONLY available through your child’s school.  If you are interested in using the program and your school is not participating, please let us know and we will contact your school’s administration.

If your school has introduced the program, you should have received a welcome email from SafeStudents Online.  If you did not see this email, please request to have it re-sent by emailing

SafeStudents Online now brings you the award-winning power of Bark!
Setting up and using your Bark account is very simple:

  1. Click on the Activation link in your welcome email.
  2. Start by creating a password for your Bark account.
  3. Follow a few more simple steps to initialize your account and dashboard.
  4. Add your children to be protected.  You can monitor all your children (even those that do not attend the school that is providing the program to you).
  5. You can choose to download the Bark app from the iTunes or Android app store.
  6. Connect your child’s social media accounts through your dashboard or the Bark app. This is done with the cooperation of your child. You don’t even need to ask for your child’s passwords.
  7. Visit your school’s custom Parent Resources web page for more information. This site includes detailed step-by-step guides and other helpful information.

Contact us toll-free at 844-588-4753 or if you have any questions or concerns.  Good luck!