Protect Their Reputation

Help Protect Your Children’s Future with Online Reputation Management Tools

concerned_momFor teenagers who use social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, online reputation management becomes crucial to protecting their future. SafeStudents Online helps parents monitor what their kids are posting so that inappropriate content, photos, or videos don’t come back to haunt them when they apply for colleges and jobs.

Information posted to social media sites is NOT private. Whether it be words, photos, or videos, it can be easily and quickly forwarded to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. Remind your kids to stop and think before posting anything online.

Online content and photos are permanent. Even with privacy controls and deleting options on most social networking sites, what your kids post online can follow them FOREVER.

Admissions officers and employers use Facebook, too. Whether applying for schools or jobs, today’s interview processes often involve reviewing applicants’ online profiles on social media sites. Inappropriate photos or videos of your kids can hurt future opportunities.

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Even if your kids are still young, it’s never too early to start a conversation about online reputation management. When your children understand the consequences of what they post on social media, they can avoid posting inappropriate content that can come back later to negatively affect their futures. Use SafeStudents Online to learn more about social media, monitor your children’s profiles and online behavior, and to connect with your kids online