Internet Safety Tips

Protecting your kids from the potential dangers of social media requires cooperation from both parents and children. As parents, you must be willing to learn about today’s Internet technology and social networking trends, as well as how to use sites like Facebook safely. Your children must work with you to communicate their online behavior and let you know if something is wrong.

mom with daughterSafeStudents Online is an easy-to-use, collaborative tool for both parents and children to reduce online risk and learn proper social networking behavior. With SafeStudents Online, you can also gain the insight and information needed to connect with and protect your children. Go over the following online safety tips with your kids to ensure they remain safe from cyber bullying, sexual predators and other Internet dangers.


  • Use SafeStudents Online to monitor your kids’ online behavior, receive alerts when suspicious content is posted or an adult “friends” your children, and view ALL the photos and videos they post online.
  • Stay up to date on current social media trends and news, and learn how to use sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter properly.
  • Join popular social networking sites and set up your own account in order to gain better understanding of how social media works and how to manage your profile safely.
  • Friend your kids on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Teach your kids how to keep their profile private, block certain users, and what types of photos, videos and content are appropriate for the Internet.
  • Work with local schools, other parents and the community to raise awareness about today’s real online dangers, such as cyber bullying and online predators.
  • Talk to your kids every day about Internet safety.