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We are sorry to see you go.

This message is to inform you that as of August 31, 2016, you will no longer have access to the SafeStudents Online program to help keep your kids safe online through social media monitoring. Your access to our program was dependent upon the participation of your child’s school. St. Peter’s Prep has made the decision to cancel its participation at the end of August. Unfortunately, our program is only available through participating schools so there is no way to continue your membership.*

We appreciate your participation in the SafeStudents Online program and we wish you the best in keeping your kids safe in the future!

The SafeStudents Online Team


*Note: if you have another child enrolled at one of SafeStudents Online’s other participating schools, you may still be able to continue access to your membership. If you believe this to be the case, please email customerservice@safestudentsonline.com and we will be glad to guide you.