The Problem

Our kids can put themselves in harm’s way without even realizing it. According to the Pew Research Center:

Teens are inseparable from social media.

Social media represents both an incredible way to stay connected, and a significant potential threat to the safety, reputations, and emotional well being of teens.

At a stage of their lives when they most need guidance, social media remains dangerously unknown to the caring, watchful eyes of their most important guardians: their parents.


Not only that…


1 in 6 have been contacted by a stranger in a way that made them uncomfortable

1 in 4 have had an online problem spill over into face-to-face confrontation

1 in 3 have received unwanted sexual attention

9 in 10 have witnessed mean or cruel behavior online



Schools and parents have had no way to address these threats…until now.

School administrators and parents need to partner to protect students from themselves. Without guidance, kids cannot be expected to act responsibly and navigate all the challenges and threats they are exposed to on a daily basis online.  The choices they make can negatively impact their reputations as well as the reputation of their school.

With SafeStudents Online, schools can proactively provide a tool to give parents better awareness of what their kids are seeing and dealing with online, and take steps to address issues before they become major problems.