The Solution

What would an ideal solution look like?

From a school’s perspective, the perfect solution proactively provides parents with a tool that gives them the information necessary to identify threats before they do harm, while never giving school administrators any access to the private activity of students online. This sends a clear message to parents that the school recognizes the challenge and is doing something to address it, while underscoring their ultimate responsibility as parents to identify minor issues before they become major problems.

The perfect solution would also be simple to use, allowing even the busiest parent to get the important information he or she needs, as soon as it happens.

SafeStudents Online gives parents a way to keep an eye on the danger, without spying on the innocent everyday activities of their kids.

080516-parent-kid-talk-hmed.grid-6x2Most parents want to be responsible, but have no idea how to keep up with their kids online. They want to know if there is a problem but they are not comfortable invading their kids’ privacy. They want to ignore all the innocent stuff and only be alerted when there is potentially dangerous or inappropriate activity.

SafeStudents Online never requires parents to know their children’s passwords. It preserves the trust between parent and child by providing targeted monitoring and alerting that does not require the teen to relinquish control of his or her accounts.