Cyberbullying can lead to depression or worse. SafeStudents Online provides an early warning system.

Online Predators

"Friends" aren't always who they claim to be. Cut off predators before they can do damage!

Damaged Reputations

Online photos and videos can damage reputations. We analyze them and flag any inappropriate content.

Press & Media

As a school community focused on honest, ethical dialogue, we believe the SafeStudents Online program is an excellent parenting tool.

My key message is: our kids need to know we are paying attention. To simply trust that they will use their phones and social media responsibly is really avoiding the idea that we have to educate and instruct them on ethical behavior, on communicating as Christians."

—John Jordan
Principal, Archmere Academy
New Castle, DE

“During the past year, we were very happy with the parent response to SafeStudents Online. We were pleased that incidents involving social networking were literally non-existent. It appears that many 'bad decisions' were caught by parents before they became problems that involved the school.”

- Pat Molloy
President, Immaculate Heart Academy
Township of Washington, NJ"

“St. Pat's is excited to offer a tool to families that will help them initiate conversations with their children about appropriate social media use. We feel that SafeStudents Online is the best avenue to help parents monitor social media use as well as build trusting relationships with their children.”

- Patricia O'Donnell
Principal, St. Patrick School
Malvern, PA

“Since social media plays such a major role in the lives of our students, schools need to be proactive in facing the challenges that it presents. The SafeStudents Online Program is tremendous because it empowers parents to protect their children from the dangers of social media. The approach of this program makes the parents the first line of defense.”

- Christopher Moore
Assistant Principal, Don Bosco Prep
Ramsey, NJ